Travel Q&A with Edwina Elizabeth O Connor (The Life of Stuff)

Travel Q&A with Edwina Elizabeth O Connor (The Life of Stuff)

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This month, we caught up with blogger Edwina Elizabeth O Connor, whose blog ‘The Life of Stuff’ combines travel with food, culture, music and more!

Australia - The Life of Stuff

What made you get into blogging/how did it all begin?

Funnily enough and I should be ashamed to say it but I didn’t really know too much about the blogosphere nor did I follow blogs before I started blogging myself. It all began after I had completed a business course that included a simple HTML module. In that module I learnt how to create a website from scratch, coding and all. I loved it. Then I completed a Diploma in Online, Internet and Digital Marketing and loved that too. I’d always had an interest in writing and many said I had a way with words, so putting my natural ‘gift’ and what I’d learnt into action for a new passion/hobby was easy and my blog The Life of Stuff was born. 


What has been your best trip ever?

My best trip ever was when my then boyfriend, now husband, and I said slán to our fast-passed, long-houred full time jobs in Dublin, cashed in all our savings and travelled the world for just under a year from India to South America, work and dodgy hostel free! Nearly every inspiring travel quote I read now reminds me of that adventure and it is one that I will never ever regret. It was amazing.

Peru - The Life of Stuff

What has been your worst trip ever/biggest travel disaster?

I can honestly say that I have to date (hope I haven’t jinxed myself) never experienced a ‘worst trip ever’ when I’ve reminisced about the trip later on. However with saying that I can tell you that there have been a number of occasions where I have sworn that I will never board a bus again … the potholed hell of travelling by bus from Thailand through the Cambodia border, the nightmare of a bus ride along the mountainous and death-trapped roads of Bolivia, the never-ending stretch of road where the windows of the bus were smashed by the wind strewn beach below in New Zealand … Sometimes annoying, sometimes scary but always worth it when we made it to our destination, unless there was another mode of transport we could have taken, then it’s just a matter of saying, next time I’ll do it differently.

Uruguay - The Life of Stuff

What’s your best travel tip/piece of advice?

There’s a saying you’ve probably heard used in college or by a mentor in work by Benjamin Franklin that goes, ‘By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail’, well it’s probably the best travel tip I can give to someone who is going on a trip or going travelling. To me being prepared makes travelling so enjoyable. From getting the correct vaccinations, to knowing the worth of the currency you’ll be using. From booking train tickets to knowing how far your hotel is from the airport. From the sights that are a must see to those that are an extra bonus if you get to see them. From activities to the best nightlife areas. A little time taking note of all these things whilst daydreaming about your adventure ahead pays off.

Japan - The Life of Stuff

Packing Essentials – 3 things that you couldn’t travel without?

Obviously my passport, money and tickets are a no-brainer. Outside of those it really does depend on what type of travelling I am doing, is it long haul adventure travelling or short haul luxury travel? … because I love to dabble in both. Mmmm … Three things that that I couldn’t travel without for either style of travel are my camera, a sarong or wide/long scarf – a multitude of uses – keeping you warm, shading from the sun, wearing it, drying with it, using it as a pillow and finally a pair of sunglasses, gotta keep those eyes protected!

Bolivia - The Life of Stuff

What’s next on your list of places to visit?

I want to visit Iceland, Central America, Africa and explore Europe some more. Next on the list however, will be somewhere in Europe. I’m a first time mom to a nine-month-old baby boy, who, if his first trip to Portugal a few months ago was anything to go by, is full of wanderlust just like his parents! He gets to travel for free before he’s two and we hope to take advantage of that.

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