Canada Insurance Questions – Understanding your Policy

Insurance is one of those things that you buy in the hope that you’ll never have to use it.  However, you can bet your bottom dollar that if you find yourself in a situation that calls for insurance, you won’t be in a position to sit down with your policy and go through it page by page to see if you are covered, especially when it comes to medical emergencies.  We genuinely can’t stress just how important it is for you to have a good understanding of your policy, especially if you are heading off to Canada for 2 years.  This can be difficult with all of the industry jargon and small print so to make it easier, we’ve answered some of the most common and important questions that we get from IEC participants about our insurance to give you a run down of our Canada Work and Travel policy.

What is the maximum length of coverage?

The maximum coverage length for the Canada insurance policy is two years.  You can book a one year or a two year policy with USIT, but keep in mind that if you are travelling on an IEC visa and travel with a one year insurance policy, you will only be issued with a one year visa when you enter the country.

Can I extend my policy?

Yes you can extend your insurance policy provided you are still on a temporary work visa.

Do you provide winter sports coverage?

Yes (and it’s free when you purchase the two year policy). Winter sports cover includes owned and hired ski equipment, piste closure, avalanche closure and inability to ski.

If I leave Canada, am I still covered on this policy?

Yes, that’s no problem – it’s a worldwide policy so provides maximum cover in all countries except for Ireland or the UK (depending on your country of permanent residence).  If you’re travelling to Ireland, you can only stay max 28 days at a time and up to 5 trips are permitted. (Keep in mind that the first two trips are included in the €349 2 year policy and if you would like to add on more trips, it’s €15 extra for each trip.  You can add this on before you travel or while you are in Canada).

What is the extent of your medical coverage?

You will be covered for emergency medical expenses and other expenses up to €10 million.  Emergency dental is covered for up to €400 and hospital benefit is up to €300 (€25 per day). Personal accident is also covered – including loss of limbs or sight (up to €40,000), permanent total disablement (up to €45,000) and death benefit (up to €10,000).

Do you cover loss/theft of passport?

Yes – if your passport is lost (and not recovered) or stolen, you will be covered for up to €250 for replacement/emergency passport travel.

What if I want to play sports in Canada – am I covered?

If you plan on playing GAA (Football/Hurling), Soccer or Rugby on an incidental basis (i.e. for leisure), you would need to upgrade your policy to cover you for these activities.  The upgrade fee is €75 and will cover you for the duration of your policy.  If you plan on playing in a competitive league or for a team/club, you need to have full add-on cover for this (otherwise you won’t be allowed to play!) The add-on price varies depending on the length of cover.  If you need this for the full 2 years, the add-on price is €360.

The 2 year IEC insurance policy with USIT is €349 and includes free winter sports cover.  Want to ask some more questions about coverage or view the policy? No problem! Just email us at or call 01 6021600 and one of our Canada specialists will help you out.