Canada: Announcing our Upgraded Insurance for IEC visa holders

If you have an IEC visa and are currently planning your move to Canada, chances are you’ve been checking out what travel insurance policy is best going to suit your needs.  We can’t stress enough just how important it is to have a good travel insurance policy in place when you’re moving abroad; aside from the fact that it’s a mandatory requirement for a working holiday visa, it’s also the best investment you could possibly make when it comes to your health and medical care away from home.

Over the past few months here in USIT we’ve been listening to what our Canada participants want and need in an insurance policy and from today we are delighted to announce the launch of our upgraded Work and Travel policy for Canada.

What’s new?

The upgraded Work and Travel insurance policy still has the highest level of cover for Medical Emergency, Personal Accident, Repatriation and more.  You can find a summary of the policy cover here or request a full copy of the policy by emailing  What’s makes the upgraded policy so great is that you are now covered to take 5 return trips home during your visa and each one of those can be for up to 28 days.

Return Trips Home*

Our previous Work and Travel insurance policy covered you to make 2 return trips to Ireland over the duration of your visa, with the option of adding on three extra return trips for €15 extra.  With the upgraded policy, 5 trips are automatically permitted without any extra charge!

28 Days

Before now, the maximum amount of time that you were permitted to return home* was 21 days.  This timeframe has now been extended to cover your for 28 days, meaning that for each of the 5 trips that you can make home during your Canada visa, you can stay for up to 28 days per trip.

UK Residents Cover

We can also confirm that our Work and Travel policy covers UK residents.  If you live in Northern Ireland or the UK (for the past 6 months minimum), you can purchase the policy and be covered with the same level as Irish residents.  This means that you would be permitted to make up to 5 return trips to the Northern Ireland/UK during your visa.

*Note: When the term ‘home’ is mentioned, we are referring to your country of residence, be it Ireland or the UK. 

Travel Elsewhere

A common question that we get asked is ‘Am I only covered to travel home to Ireland/the UK?’ – and the answer is No!  As the Work and Travel insurance is a worldwide policy, you are covered to travel to any country of your choice and you’ll still be covered.  So if you decide to take a holiday in the USA for a few weeks you will be covered.  When it comes to travelling back to your home country, you are covered to make the trip and return back to Canada but you are not covered for any incidents that occur during that time in your home country, which is standard for any travel insurance policy.

Winter Sports

Winter sports cover is included in the Work and Travel policy for free, just as it was previously.

So what’s the catch? There is none! We’re delighted to be able to offer this upgraded insurance policy to IEC visa holders in Ireland and the UK at the same great cost of €349 for 2 years.  We’re also happy to say that if you have already purchased the Work and Travel policy with USIT for Canada, you will be covered for the 5 trips home and be permitted to return for 28 days per trip as long as your policy is still valid.

If you are interested in finding out more about the policy, or would like to book your insurance and/or Canada flights, give Jonathan a call/drop him an email at 01 6021603 /