Camp USA Programme Now Open For 2017!

We didn’t choose the Camp Life, the Camp Life chose us!

We’re absolutely delighted to let all you adventure junkies and nature lovers know that we have officially raised the curtain on Camp USA for 2017 and are now accepting applications for students and graduates to have the summer of their lives in the States.

Young couple canoeing on the lake. Young kayakers enjoying a day at the lake

If you’re the type of person who loves trying out new things and with a list of hobbies the length of a kayak then Camp USA could be the perfect way to spend next summer. If you’re into the likes of dancing, archery, horseback riding, hiking, kayaking or gymnastics, we want you to come to the US and teach the new generation surrounded by the stunning scenery of North America.

What’s it like at Camp USA? Well, for a start lunch time usually involves water skiing…

[wpvideo Ox6q7BOH]

Katie spent 10 weeks in New Hampshire and made friends for life! This is her Camp USA Experience.

Not only is Camp USA one of our most popular and successful programmes but it is an unbelievable addition to any CV and you’ll get to spend 30 days at the end of your placement to explore the US! In the meantime you’ll be literally getting paid to have fun!

Interested? Drop us a line here or go ahead and secure your place for Camp USA 2017! 

See you on the lake!