Guy Gets Upgraded to $21,000 First Class Seat On Emirates, Has The Time Of His Life!

‘When I think of the best days of my life, I  think of the day my children were born..and maybe today, when I was upgraded from Business to First Class on Emirates’.

Ever wondered what it’s like to fly from New York to Dubai in the most decadent and luxurious airborne vessel imaginable? Step forward Casey Neistat and the $21,635.30 airline seat…

Casey has a full on nerdgasm showing us around the first class cabin, complete with an ‘amenities kit’,  touch screen Smart TV’s, a private mini-bar, caviar on demand and a whole lot more of the frankly ludicrous perks that comes with a $21k Emirates seat.

Watch below for some amazement and hilarity in equal measure (keep an eye for the photobomb caption at 2:55).

That shower is waaaay better than mine at home! It’s also apparently sunglasses adaptable?! Seriously, who does that?

Thanks to Casey for showing us around, now it’s back to plain old Business Class you petty commoner. It’s a tough life…




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