USA GRAD VISA: Additional 50 Places Secured For 2016!

There’s been a development, and it’s a pretty excellent one for recent Irish graduates…

Our Grad Visa Team have been working their socks off to ensure that, as much as possible, we can match the huge demand for Grad Visas to the US in 2016 and we’re delighted to say that we’ve secured an additional 50 visas between now and the end of 2016! Think of it as another 50 Golden Tickets to visit the Chocolate Factory for a year. 


Whether you’ve already enquired about spending a year in the land of opportunity, giving your career a massive edge on the competition and getting to live in the likes of New York, San Fran, Chicago, or you’ve only just realised what could be, the time is now to act.

North Beach

Applications can be submitted online, with a €499 deposit securing you on of the 50 remaining visas (pending approval). 

It’s also worth stating that, as of now, we have had no update on the continuation of the Grad Visa Program into 2017 from our colleagues in the US. As a result, there is the possibility that these could be the last 50 graduates who get to experience the American Dream straight out of college.

Will you be next to make your mark in the US, just like Tom, Andrew, Niamh,  Danielle or Sean have?

If you’ve questions about your eligibility, best cities to look for an internship or any other areas of the Program please email or call 01 602 1747