Boeing’s LED Projector Patent Could Be A Gamechanger For Air Travel

Boeing and Airbus are constantly waging an innovation war on each other in a bid to snatch the next order of trans-continental jets but the former could be about to introduce a real gamechanger to air travel with their latest patent application.

As you’ll see from the video below, Boeing want to make air travel a more immersive experience by lining the interior with these incredible ground to ceiling LED screens. The projections will be able to mirror the outside environment, time of day, weather giving the cabin a much more spacious feel.

Boeing are also exploring mood lighting settings aimed at making those crucial hours shut eye on long haul flights easier and also combating the effect of pesky jetlag.

I think we can all agree that those who have a fear of flying aside, this would be a serious gamechanger in enjoying, rather than enduring an economy flight.

The possibilities of using the projection system get us unbelievably excited too! Imagine watching a 360 degree video of beautiful Bali, an hour out from landing there or looking up upon the Northern Lights a hundred miles of the coast of Iceland? How cool would that be?!

Boeing, we salute you and cannot wait to see if this plane of the future becomes a reality!

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