Posts from December 1st 2016

Air NZ & Ronan Keating’s ‘Summer Wonderland’ Is Actually Pretty Funny

“Em, Roman, I’m not feeling wintery, it’s like 30 degrees outside…” New Zealand Air, apart from being voted the best airline in the world for the fourth year running, are also pretty damn good at making ads. Their new Christmas effort featuring R̶o̶m̶a̶n̶  Ronan Keating and NZ child star Julian Dennison is no different. Watch …

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The Rise Of The Solo Traveller: 7 Reasons Why The Fear Factor Is Gone

Dropping everything, leaping out of your comfort zone, exploring a new culture, on a new continent with new people. Does that idea scare you? It shouldn’t, it should endlessly excite you! Behold, the age of the Solo Traveller is here. Here’s why:

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