Posts from December 8th 2016

Travel Quiz of the Year: Prove Yourself A Nomad And Win €25 Vouchers!

UPDATE: Congrats to Niamh, Aislinn, Rachel & Ben who’ve all won a USIT Voucher worth €25! Welcome to our Quiz of the Year! Below you’ll find 10 travel questions, all specifically related to the last 12 months.

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Dubai To Build The World’s Biggest Indoor Theme Park…Approx 7 Minutes After Building World’s Biggest!

Posted 3 years ago in Asia

Have you ever bought yourself a brand new, gorgeous car and the next day started planning on buying another one? Nope, us neither. Do you know who would? Dubai would… IMG, The Dubai-based company behind the 1.5m sq ft Worlds of Adventure have barely had time to crack open a bottle of champagne before outlining plans …

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