Which J1er Are You? Introducing Aimee, The Beach Babe Who’s Instagram Is Blowing Up!

We’ve already heard from the haphazard yet lovable Ross and every J1 crew’s commander-in-chief Aoife, now it’s the turn of our beach babe, Aimee.

An aspiring fashion and lifestyle blogger, if it’s ‘in’, Aimee knows about it. You’ll usually find her on or near the beach…

Q: Hey Aimee, so where does your J1 Summer start?

Like when did I first think about going on a J1? Well, it was probably in September of last year. A friend of mine in college had gone on a J1 with all her friends and came back glowing, after a brilliant time! The girl has saved so much money on bronzer, her tan was lit!

I was completely sold on it and it didn’t take much to convince my stun huns to go.  I asked her how she had organised it all. She told me she and her friends had gone through USIT. So, I waited until the J1 opened and I sent in my application straight away. I made sure the girls did too because, one of them especially, I won’t say who… *cough* Ellen *cough*… tends to always be late and forget these kinds of things!

Q: How did you go about getting your job?

Working at Venice Beach became an obsession for me so I was straight onto beach bars on Facebook! I’d done promo stuff for Spin103.8 before and so had a couple of the gals so finally we got an interview lined up, had it in the USIT office over Skype. After a week or too we heard back from the most fab beach bar we’d ever seen, complete with a pool and a rooftop patio. I was in love with the place and we couldn’t wait to see it in the sunshine!

Q: How was your first week over in the States?

Hectic… We wanted to do as much as we could in the first few days that I barely had time to sleep! Santa Monica was too pretty and I filled up the memory on my phone with pics within 3 days! Finding in any way nice accommodation was really hard. The only places we could find were so far away from work (LA is huge!) and we’d have needed a car to stand any chance of making it work. We stayed with some guys we met on our first weekend from Cork but the place was grim. Those boys need to learn how to clean up after themselves! Ew.

We had heard that some students wound up sleeping on mattresses on floors near us and ended up getting sent home early so it could have been worse I guess! 

Q: What were the highlights and lowlights of the 3 months?

Some of the biggest highlights of the summer were meeting one of my favourite bloggers, seeing Kim Kardashian coming out of an LA studio, going to at the end of our J1 and then finishing off the holiday by visiting the Hamptons. Expensive but absolutely fab! I do a little fashion and lifestyle blogging myself and it was so cool to see my Instagram page gain a few thousand followers over the summer. LA knows how to look on fleek. Our job was fab too! We got to meet so many cool people and some of the parties we had after work were unforgettable. 

Getting food poisoning in New York was definitely one of my biggest lowlights. While the girls were out having a fab time, I was stuck in the hotel room. I suppose the only other lowlights of the summer was our crappy, smelly apartment and the fact that LA was pretty expensive so I spent more than I would have liked to,  to be honest. Not completely perfect, but mostly fab!

Q: What advice would you give to this year’s J1 students?

COME PREPARED!! Try to save some money before you go, or just go somewhere that’s cheaper. You’ll have more money to do stuff and travel. And DEFINITELY try to organise accommodation before you go, or at least have a few leads because otherwise, you’ll be living in a dodgy, funky smelling, tiny apartment like we had to. Try and get the best data plan for your phone you can. There’s so many Insta pics, Snapchats and Facebook check-ins that HAVE to be taken advantage of while you’re over here xx.

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