Living the Outdoor Life: Tips for Taking Your Devices to the Woods, Mountains, Beach and Beyond Safely

Sometimes, even when you’re camping, hiking or spending a day relaxing on the beach, you need to have your phone or tablet with you. However, keeping your tech devices charged can be a big challenge. Here are some tips to help you keep them running and keep them safe.

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Everyone enjoys a quick catch up with their social media while relaxing on the beach!

Take Inventory

While you might think it’s pointless, it’s actually worthwhile making a checklist of all the tech devices you take with you. This way, you can be sure that everything you arrived on vacation with, goes home safely with you.

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Don’t leave anything out, you don’t want to be on the plane and discover you left your tablet in a tent!

Pack Safely

Make sure all your gadgets are packed safely in your backpack or luggage. Make sure you have all your necessary cables and keep them together so they’re easy to find. An easy way to keep them organized is in a zippered pouch. Keep them tidy by wrapping them around a bulldog clip or securing them with a rubber band. If you don’t have hard cases for your devices, wrap them in pieces of bubble wrap.

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Your luggage has just as long of a journey as you so make sure it’s packed safely!

Weather Protection If you’re enjoying the great outdoors and you like to take photographs, a camera like the Sony Xperia will take super shots, but you need to protect it from environmental dangers. Extreme heat and extreme cold will both drain your battery and adversely affect how your phone functions. Keep your phone cool by turning it off and not leaving it in the car. Prevent it getting too cold by buying a good protective case.

Protect from Water

Plastic bags are the obvious solution. They come in all shapes and sizes and can be sealed. Take some rice with you. If your phone or tablet does get wet, sometimes, immersing it in rice can dry up the moisture and bring it back to life. Be prepared for humidity if you need to. Use small packets of desiccants like silica gel to keep devices dry.

Boost your Battery

If you’re going to be away for a while and you’re not going to have access to power, such as a camping site, you need to stock up on battery packs. If you assess your needs, you can get one big enough to last for the duration of your trip. Just in case they don’t last, make sure you have a 12-volt charger so you can use your car to recharge your batteries.


Out of Range

Going camping or hiking, you will most likely be out of mobile phone signal coverage. Remember to save all the information you need to your phone before you embark on your trip. Firstly you’ll need to search for directions to your destination. Google Maps will allow you to save this offline. Next,

you will need to find out what resources are available where you are staying, including hours the facility is open and any activities and amenities available.

Signal isn’t always the best onto of a mountain, its important to have your route saved offline!

Don’t forget to keep your phone safe at all times. Install an app that will enable you to locate it using another device, should you be unable to find it.

Daniel Humphreys is a dude who seeks travel and adventure at every opportunity. He yo-yos between seeking solitude in the great outdoors to being a culture vulture in a new city.