J1 Employer Spotlight: 130 Roles in Chicago, Rollercoasters in Williamsburg & Famous Shrimp in Boston

Last year presented a new challenge for J1 participants and the J1 Team. How can we ensure that the new provisions to the J1 visa do not leave participants disappointed?  Changes to the J1 visa now require bright-eyed, bushy-tailed Irish students to secure summer employment in advance, before beginning their J1 adventure.

With plenty of hard work and some epic Skype hustle from thousands of students, participants received their placements in advance of that magical departure date to the USA!

This year, armed with experience from last year’s visa changes, our expanded Recruitment Team has pulled together a huge list of preferred employers, itching to add some Irish charm to their ranks in 2017.

We’ve introduced the new J1 Premium package, eliminating stress and adding convenience to the job hunt.  With the J1 Premium, our team organizes interviews and helps participants secure employment (in advance!) like never before.

With this package, students will have access to our J1 Summer Hiring Fair on 16th Feb and our list of preferred employers, many of whom have hired Irish students for years and are excited about the upcoming season! This is the only way to land a job with some of these awesome places this summer…

Hospitality Services Group – Chicago

Chi-town was where our J1 Scholarship winner, Louise decided to spend last summer and for good reason. Chicago is an amazing city with a perfect blend of the hectic city life of NY and the laid back beach life of California. It also happens to have the biggest J1 employer we’ve ever had…

Keen to work with your friend this summer and have some control over your work schedule?  Look no further than Hospitality Services Group, a catering company in Chicago! HSG is hoping to hire 130+ J1 students for summer roles such as banquet servers, dishwashers, and prep cooks.  Enjoy a summer gaining serving experience while enjoying the best of both worlds in Chicago- city life and a summer at the beach!

HSG are a big believer that working with your friends is a win-win situation for everyone. You can immediately get up and running, while having a great time too, while being part of the HSG family for the summer.

Bubba Gump Shrimp – San Francisco

On a scale of 1-Bubba, how good is your knowledge of crustaceans and the culinary arts? “Shrimp is the fruit of the sea….”

For J1 participants interested in living in San Francisco, Bubba Gump Shrimp Company is looking for a variety of hosts, retail assistants, and servers.

The restaurant is located on Pier 39 at the mouth of San Francisco Bay, in a buzzing neighbourhood with views of the Golden Gate Bridge and just a quick walk from Lombard Street!  For any movie fans, this is the perfect J1 job- run Forrest, run!

Bush Gardens – Williamsburg, Virginia

Psst, rollercoasters!!

Anyone interested in a J1 without the hassle of finding accommodation? You are in luck, because Busch Gardens Williamsburg will supply your accommodation at $77 a week with free transport to work!

Busch Gardens is an amusement park in Virginia, a great J1 job for any thrill seekers! About an hour from Virginia Beach and Richmond, Williamsburg is a great J1 destination to experience some southern hospitality!

Briar Group, Boston

For any J1ers hoping to spend their summer in the Northeast, consider Boston!  A buzzing college town, home to the Red Sox, and a city with a fierce pride and love for anything Irish! If you’re a bit of a craic merchant who considers pulling a pint of Guinness an art form on a par with fire breathing and sculpting, then this is the summer job for you.

The Briar Group is looking for a variety of hosts/hostesses, servers, and runners.  The Briar Group is the parent company for multiple pubs and restaurants in some great locations around Boston.

Visit the site of the Boston Tea Party, enjoy a baseball game, or spend a weekend in the nearby Cape Cod- Boston is an all-around great city!

Remember, each of our preferred employers across the US can ONLY be applied for if you’re on the J1 Premium Package. Want to apply? Drop programmes@usit.ie a line or call the tea on (01) 602 1667.