Posts from January 26th 2017

Utah Skiier’s Miracle Escape From 150ft Cliff Fall Captured On A GoPro

How’s your luck? I think this guy may have just used up all of his in one go! This is crazy… Devin Stratton was out on the slopes of Wasatch Range in Utah last week, when a wrong turn put him in a lot of danger – and his GoPro captured it all. The below clip shows, …

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NEW: Teach in New Zealand Visa Programme. Massive Opportunity For Irish Graduates!

Recently graduated in teaching but still feeling the urge to travel? This is going to be a head turner… New to 2017, we are launching our Teach in New Zealand Working Holiday Programme! Why? Well to put it mildly, demand for qualified primary and secondary school teachers across beautiful New Zealand is currently sky high. …

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