J1 Employer Spotlight: Want To Work in Legoland, California?

There are J1 Jobs and then there is this J1 Job…

Our J1 Recruitment Team have been working ever so hard (bless them) to scour the length and breadth of California looking for suitable and past employers of J1 students. They’ve already lined up 100+ roles in Chicago, taking on roller coasters in Williamsburg but now they’ve found the Holy Grail..a summer working in Legoland!!

Legoland Carlsbad, California

It’s going to be another huge summer for the institution that is Lego, particularly with Lego Batman hitting cinemas this week.

Legoland in Carlsbad is situated just 30 minutes outside of San Diego city centre. What’s the gig you ask?

Unfortunately, the master builders are already in place but J1 job is available at Legoland includes capturing guests’ favourite moments in the park to produce an amazing photo book full of their Legoland memories.  The role also includes customer service and interacting with guests.

Legoland provides fully furnished housing for staff so you’ll save a ton on rent. The area includes a pool, snooker table, Wi-Fi, and BBQ  This great housing setup also includes free passes to the Legoland park and activity centre!

Your housing is not made of actual Lego. You can’t win them all I’m afraid

Carlsbad is located in the San Diego Metropolitan area.  It is the home of the first skateboard park in the world, and is only a 30 minute train ride from San Diego!

It sounds too good to be true, but it’s not! You can apply for positions in Legoland via your J1 Tracking Account but remember, this job and hundreds of others are only available to J1 Premium package students.

Start Dates: May 25th – June 15th
End Dates: Aug 15th – Sept 1st
Pay: $10.50
Housing: $196 per week (an absolute steal in Southern California)

Want to upgrade? Drop our J1 team a drop quoting your booking number programmes@usit.ie and you’ll also be able to attend our J1 Hiring Fair next week in Dublin.


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