J1 Employer Spotlight: Want to Work in Fenway Park? Boston Is Bursting With Awesome Summer Jobs

Find us a J1 student in the past dozen or so years that hasn’t checked out a ball game at some stage during their dream 3 months in the States and we will be amazed!

As much a rite of passage as the Grand Canyon selfie or scaling the Empire State, going to see an MLB game is must do while on your adventure and it doesn’t get much better and better than Fenway Park! So how about actually working there for the summer?

Fenway Park, Boston

Sports fans, prepare to salivate at this prospect.

Work inside the world-famous Fenway Park, home to the Boston Red Sox, snapping photographs of guests, capturing their favourite moments of the game, and creating summer time memories.

Follow the baseball season and learn the rules of the game while at work.  You might even pick up on a few American songs, like “Take Me Out to the Ball Game!”. If you’re a Liverpool fan you might also bump into a certain John W Henry who practically lives on this hallowed turf (when he’s not over in Anfield!)

Boston is a great city to live in for the summer; it is a lively college city, filled with a lot of history. For any history buffs out there, Boston is famous for The Boston Tea Party and it’s revolutionary history!

Living in Boston will give you the opportunity to meet many American students your age from the local Harvard, MIT and Boston College.  It is an easy city to navigate, with a very good subway system, giving you easy access to the thousands of restaurants, bars, and music venues

Wage: $11 plus commission

New England Aquarium, Boston

New England Aquarium is in a fantastic location, in the heart of Boston right on the Harbor, with more than 1.3 million visitors each year. The New England Aquarium has been open for over 50 years, and has the world’s longest-running right whale research programme.

The New England Aquarium is filled with hundreds of lovable creatures from African Penguins to the Atlantic Harbor Seal, Seahorse (below) and the Moon Jelly (I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly. But that’s just a personal opinion. If you want it, go for it!).

Working at the New England Aquarium will provide students with passes to the Aquarium and local attractions!

Enjoy easy access to the city center from the Aquarium, and stroll around Boston’s famous red-brick streets!  Keep your eyes peeled for some famous Boston natives while you’re at it- you might bump into the famous Wahlberg brothers or Matt Damon!

Also check out some of Boston’s famous distilleries, you may have heard of a little one called Sam Adams!

Wage: $11 plus commission!

The Briar Group, Boston

Looking for a more traditional summer job? Well, one of Boston’s biggest hospitality chains is on the lookout for slick bar tenders and servers to work as a summer job.

Are you still struggling to find a J1 Summer Job? The deadline for independent job offer submissions is 20th Feb 2017, after which time only Premium package participants will be able to secure their dream summer.

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