Posts from February 15th 2017

This Airline Is Introducing Free In-Flight Netflix and Spotify!

Air passengers rejoice, the days of in-flight boredom are being treated with urgent disdain by this international airline… Australia’s national airline, Qantas have announced plans to roll out FREE Netflix and Spotify to it’s in-flight entertainment armory later this month. The days of frantically saving your playlists offline while simultaneously killing your storage space for travel …

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Internship USA Positions in Culinary Arts, Hospitality, Graphic/Interior Design and More!

Finding the right role towards your degree is tricky, we get it. Thinking bigger and securing one in the US is trickier still but those who do not dare, never win. With this in mind, we’ve taken the liberty of scouring the very best opportunities for Internships over in the US that Irish students who secure an …

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Five of 2017’s Soccer Camp USA Coaches On Their Assessment Days, Getting Hired and Dream Teams!

This is probably you’re last chance to spend the summer of 2017, surrounded by and involved in the sport you love, while seeing a huge amount of the United States. Already this week, we’ve offered contracts to Soccer Camp USA applicants in Cork and Limerick, with Dublin to follow this Thursday. Worried about how you …

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