This Airline Is Introducing Free In-Flight Netflix and Spotify!

Air passengers rejoice, the days of in-flight boredom are being treated with urgent disdain by this international airline…

Australia’s national airline, Qantas have announced plans to roll out FREE Netflix and Spotify to it’s in-flight entertainment armory later this month. The days of frantically saving your playlists offline while simultaneously killing your storage space for travel pictures could soon be at an end. We couldn’t be more chuffed with the idea.

Imagine binge watching Narcos or The People V OJ Simpson while cruising at 30,000 ft? You may not want to get off the damn flight. Although, spoiler alert – Pablo Escobar dies and OJ gets away with it!

The roll out will begin with the introduction of 80 new aircraft to the Qantas fleet, armed with Wi-Fi capabilities of up to 10 times quick than existing in-flight Wi-Fi. the new service will also include streamable access to TV App Foxtel (NRL & AFL broadcasters) and Sky News Australia.

Unfortunately for those of you using Qantas to begin your Working Holiday Visa, the availability of Qantas’ new Wi-Fi technology will be on internal flights only. Not bad if you want to visit some friends in Sydney from Perth though.

With international airlines all racing at seemingly warp speed to introduce new systems and tech that entertains and amazes it’s passengers, we can’t wait to see what’s around the corner. How about Airbus’ filing a patent for LED projectors inside the fuselage? What about being able to watch a live game on Sky Sports while having the highest virtual seat in the world?

Frankly, we’re just chuffed we don’t have to endure watching Independence Day Resurgence for the 6th time!