Posts from February 21st 2017

Iceland Insights: James’ Top Tips From His Visit North (Of The Wall)

Iceland, The Land of Fire & Ice, a wildly unique country with endless summers and unforgiving winters. I recently visited beautiful Iceland for a few days to explore the mysterious island and squeeze as much exploring into three full days as possible, here is my top tips if you are planning a visit to the …

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The Top 10 Best Countries To Visit, By The Woman Who’s Visited All 196

Posted 2 years ago in Asia

A while ago, we ran a feature on ultimate traveller, Cassie De Pecol who was on the home straight towards being the first woman to visit every country in the world (and in the quickest time). Well, on 2nd Feb 2017 she completed her Expedition 196 when she visited Yemen, the final country to be …

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