The Top 10 Best Countries To Visit, By The Woman Who’s Visited All 196

A while ago, we ran a feature on ultimate traveller, Cassie De Pecol who was on the home straight towards being the first woman to visit every country in the world (and in the quickest time).

Well, on 2nd Feb 2017 she completed her Expedition 196 when she visited Yemen, the final country to be explored.

Having achieved the astounding feat through securing sponsors during her travels, you’d have to admit that her opinion on where to visit in 2017 is a pretty difficult one to argue with.

And so, here’s her countdown of her 10 favourite countries that she visited during her 18-month odyssey (via Telegraph Travel)

10. USA

Ok, so Cassie is actually from Connecticut but there’s an awful lot to experience, even if it’s your ‘home’ and it has unsurprisingly made her Top 10.

9. Costa Rica

Home to 5% of the world’s species and covered in wildlife reserves from lush jungle to active volcanoes and stunning beaches, Costa Rica should be in everyone’s top 10.

8. Peru

Home to arguably the single most incredible landmark on the planet, it’s not surprising that this mountainous South American nation, drenched in wonder was one of Cassie’s favourites.

7. Tunisia

A North African gem, with the very Middle Eastern feel. Tunisia is an archaeologist’s dream and a fascinating place to visit according to Cassie.

6. Oman

A fitting name for how you’d describe your first visit. The sparse country covered in desert and mountains, it’s difficult to get further off the beaten track.

5. Pakistan

By no means one of the most accessible, or typical safe locations to visit. Cassie’s experience, having waited over 4 months for her visa to clear was one of the “many wonderful educational and culturally enriching experiences” of her adventures.

4. Vanuatu

Isolated in the South Pacific but populated by some of the most welcoming people anywhere in the world. The 80 islands that make up Vanuatu are also some of the most beautiful on the planet.

3. The Maldives

Speaking of beautiful islands, The Maldives doesn’t really need an introduction and makes the podium of Cassie’s favourite places.

2. Bhutan

Bhutan is an incredible spiritual place to visit with the low hanging clouds and many temples throughout this Himalayan haven.

1. Mongolia

Mongolia (particularly Outer Mongolia) is an often used location aimed to poke fun at something that’s in the middle of nowhere. I’ve used it myself countless times to describe an uninspiring, out of the way place (generally somewhere around Longford) but Cassie has put me straight and put Mongolia very high on our own list.

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