Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Go To Greece This Summer

Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Go To Greece This Summer

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Greece is a beautiful country with thousands of glorious islands and cities to chose from, each as beautiful as the next.  With party towns, amazing culture and history, welcoming, kind hearted people, sun, sea and sand it’s saft to say Greece has everything you are looking for.


For the majority of the year Greece is hot, sunny and cloudless. With a clear sky and a beaming sun Greece is the ideal destination for your summer holiday away for the wet, dull Irish weather.

2.Variety Of Islands

Greece has 6000 islands scattered in the Aegean and Ionian Seas and each one more beautiful than the next, making Greece perfect for an island cruise trip hopping from island to island to unbelievable sights, parties and people. With great  party boat trips available there is huge opportunity to see the islands in the best, funnest possible way.

3.Easy To Get To

Direct flights to Greece are regular and are only a couple of hours long meaning you don’t spend the whole first day of your holiday trying to get there, catch an early flight and spend the whole day enjoying the beauty that is Greece and sussing out the area you are staying in. Once you are in Greece there are plenty of opportunities to visit Greek islands with regular daily boat trips and week long boat trips going to the popular islands.

4.Beautiful Beaches

Greek beaches are astounding. With oodles of breathtaking beaching all over Greece you could spend ever day there on a different one, taking in the warm sun with the hot sand on your feet and enjoying the clear blue water and unique style of each one.

5.Endless Nights

Greece is one of the top party destinations in the world with the clubs all over opening every day of the week until the early hours of the morning, some staying open until 6/7am. With great vibes, cheap drink, DJs that will keep you dancing all night long and a huge variety of clubs and bars to choose from, Greece is perfect for all the party animals who love a night out on the town.

6.Cheap Drink

Although it can be expensive to get into clubs in Greece all the local taverns have a bountiful supply of cheap drink in every variety so you don’t have to break the bank on a night out. The local pubs and bars all over Greece are lively, open late and are perfect for a well enjoyed night out.

7.Greek Food

The traditional food is Greece is a must try when you get there. With the freshest seafood, unique meat dishes like Souvlaki and the classic grape leaf-wrapped rice parcel, Dolmades, there will be something for everyone filled with taste and flavour you have never experienced before and will never forget once you have.


8.Local People And Their Lifestyle

The hospitality is one the main reasons to go to Greece. The locals are friendly, relaxed and live with a happy and unique lifestyle. Holidayers are welcome and greeted with kindness and warmth.

9.Famous Sunset

The magnificent sunset from the village Oia on the island of Santorini is enough of a reason alone to travel to Greece. Sit on one of the beautiful beaches with a fruity cocktail and enjoy the orange and red beams streaming across the sky.

10.The History

Know as Europe’s historical capital Greece is full of mind blowing sights, with Athens being the oldest city in Europe there is plenty to do, see and experience throughout the day such as visiting the Acropolis, the colonnaded Panthenon temple, the Acropolis Museum, along with the National Archaeological Museum and with many great tour options it is very easy to squeeze in a lot during your stay. Come home educated, enriched and amazed at everything Greece has to offer.

Greece is definitely one of our favourite  destinations for your summer adventure, check out our new Greek island hopping boat party  for a 10 days filled with fun, drink, sight seeing and new friendships or our tour around Athens, Olympia and Delphi for a more sight historical seeing experience.