San Francisco to Seattle – Coast Starlight Route: Departure at 10pm on 24th Feb. Total journey time approx. 24 hours.

San Francisco to Seattle – Coast Starlight Route: Departure at 10pm on 24th Feb. Total journey time approx. 24 hours.

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Tom, our graduate visa blogger, sets off again. His journey continues from San Fran to Seattle. If you missed his journey and time in San Francisco you can catch it here. 

Seattle was a bit out of the way in relation to everywhere else on my trip but I have a friend living in Vancouver which is a four hour bus journey from Seattle so he was meeting me for a day. I hadn’t seen him for a year and a half so I was excited! I’m a big fan of the Seattle Seahawks football team too so that was another main reason I wanted to go to Seattle. I heard from various people in New York that Seattle was a beautiful place and in the end, I’m  glad I visited it.

The Journey

The train journey there was absolutely beautiful. You leave California, make your way through the mountains of Oregon and into Washington state. After a couple of hours, we were in Oregon and snow was everywhere. It was a stark contrast from the sun and green landscape of California.

We also stopped off for a short  while in Klamath Falls. It was freezing when we got out of the train to stretch! It was nice and fresh there though and we were surrounded by snow and mountains.

Compared to the journey from Chicago to San Francisco, this journey was an absolute breeze and really enjoyable. They brought on tour guides for about four hours that described landmarks and different wildlife along the way. It definitely helped to pass the time and overall, added to the experience for sure.

Arrival In Seattle

I arrived in Seattle on time and I could see the famous Space Needle from my hostel window! It was a nice touch.


Catch Up

I met up with my friend the next day and it was a great catch up! We visited one or two restaurants. There’s great food in Seattle with many different delicacies to choose from!

We also checked out the Seahawks stadium, it’s known as the Hawks Nest but it’s official name is CenturyLink Field. It’s a really cool stadium. I wanted to get a tour but unfortunately, they didn’t do tours at the time I was there.

Seattle reminded me a lot of Boston on the East Coast. Just very chill and laid back and it was nice and calm in comparison to the hustle and bustle of New York.

For All You Coffee Fans..

If you are a fan coffee, Seattle is the place of you! Everywhere you turn, there’s a coffee shop. It’s also where the very first Starbucks store is located so as a huge coffee lover, I had to visit. There are independent coffee places dotted around the city which definitely provide better tasting coffee but I said I don’t know when I’ll be back in Seattle so I said I’d visit it. It doesn’t do anything differently, the coffee tastes the exact same but it’s packed with tourists and it provides a brief history of Starbucks which may interest some people.

Pike Place Market

Right beside the Starbucks is one of the main attractions of Seattle, Pike Place Market. You can find anything you want here; Fresh produce, jewelry, pottery, books and much more. When my friend left the next day, I walked around here for hours. It’s thronged with tourists, there’s a great atmosphere and everybody is very friendly. You can taste things as you go and it’s just a must see when you’re in Seattle.

Space Needle

My last stop in Seattle was to go up the Space Needle. It’s the No.1 attraction in Seattle and there is a cool history behind it. There’s a revolving restaurant on the top and I thought about going up for a meal but it was a bit out of my budget ($80 per person). I did go up to the observation deck. It’s a cool experience with a gorgeous view but coming from living in New York, it falls short in comparison. You can go outside normally but the day I was there, it was raining badly so it was closed. It didn’t blow me away and it’s probably better if you’re with someone to share the experience. [Ticket price – $25].

The End Of One Brings On The Beginning Of Another

Overall, I wish I had another day to spend in Seattle. My last day was a bit rushed trying to see everything. I also would have loved to spend another few hours at the market (yep, it’s huge!) but didn’t have time. Extremely friendly people, great food and coffee and a chill vibe made it a great stay. The weather isn’t great there. It was constantly wet, windy and rainy (remind you of somewhere?) but my next stop was Santa Monica in Los Angeles so I was looking forward to some beach time.

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