British Couple Mistake “All-Inclusive” For Everything On Entire Greek Island

British Couple Mistake “All-Inclusive” For Everything On Entire Greek Island

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Seriously, how does this happen?

The All-inclusive Package

We’ve all seen deals nowadays for all inclusive packages sending you around the world to a resort to where you can eat and drink as much as you want and use all facilities provided by the resort for no fee other than what you pay for the holiday before you go, pretty sweet deal right?

How about a nice Greek Island that’s all inclusive? Cool, yes?

Unfortunately this is not the case, as a middle aged British couple had a hard time coming to terms with during their all inclusive visit to Rhodes, Greece.

After finishing up a meal at a tavern on Hippocrates Square in the Greek island’s Old Town outside their resort, the couple got up to leave and when asked to pay they flashed their resort wristbands and said that they had paid for an all inclusive trip so they could eat anywhere on the Island for free- no, I’m afraid not. You can’t walk into any restaurant you fancy while in Rhodes and use your resort band as payment, unfortunately! Cue hysterics and disbelief!

The Aftermath

After some explaining and the owner of the restaurant making the couple aware of the boundaries of such a holiday the couple did eventually agree to pay for their meal.

The best part is the owner states that this isn’t the first time this has happened and tourists tried the same thing while visiting last summer!

Moral of the story

All inclusive is limited to the resort you book into, not entire islands, even though that would be a pretty savage deal!

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