US Tech Firms Average Intern Salaries Are Very Different To Irish Equivalent

When you think of an internship role at a company what springs to mind? Zero pay or travel expenses only? Manual data entry? Becoming an unofficial barista? You’d be forgiven for thinking all of these when you look at the landscape for graduate jobs and internships in Ireland right now. In the US, things are just a little bit different…

An internship in the States is given much more credence and significance than here in Ireland. Given the unique access to the US graduate jobs market that Irish graduates can obtain through the Graduate Visa, this chasm of remuneration is worth more than a second look.

For a start US companies particularly in tech, recognise that digital natives are just as likely to hold the answer to digital solutions than top execs who have had to adapt to tech. A graduate’s creative input extends way beyond the art of making a good latte and this is understood throughout Silicon Valley and beyond.

“Education trends in the digital sphere are also being heavily geared towards doing, rather than just learning, with the likes of graphic design graduates leaving college with a portfolio full of work already out there in markets”.

A better understanding of this has empowered US tech firms to not let salaries get in the way of the securing the future big thinkers of the company. Some of the top firms are dishing up eye-watering starting salaries for Business, Computer Engineering, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design grads and a host more fields of study.

Originally published by Glassdoor, below is a list of what the top tech firms are happily offering interns to work for them:

Average Monthly Intern Salary

  1. Facebook – $8,000
  2. Microsoft – $7,100
  3. Salesforce – $6,450
  4. Amazon  – $6,400
  5. Apple  – $6,400
  6. Bloomberg – $6,400
  7. Yelp – $6,400
  8. Yahoo – $6,080
  9. VMWare – $6,080
  10. Google – $6,000
  11. Nvidia – $5,770
  12. Intuit – $5,440
  13. Juniper Networks – $5,440
  14. Workday – $5,440
  15. Adobe – $5,120
  16. Mathworks – $5,120
  17. Qualcomm – $5,040

*Bear in mind, many of these firms include accommodation and other benefits in their intern packages which would push the remunerations even higher.

As an Irish graduate, you might wonder about how realistic securing a position in any of these firms is.

“Make no mistake, Irish graduates are extremely highly thought of in the US. The presence of so many ‘highlight reel’ European HQ’s of firms based in Dublin such as Google and Dropbox and their reliance on Irish skilled labour only solidifies this reputation”.

If nothing else, these figures provide significant food for thought for anyone in the midst of sitting their finals…

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