Grad Visa Spotlight: Retro Flame On The Perks Of Being An Irish Gal In NYC


“New Yorkers love the Irish, they really do. I’m not sure if it’s our accents, our personalities or a little bit of our charm but being Irish over here is a really, really good thing”


We can’t blame them really, especially when the calibre of graduates arriving from Ireland to the US each year is of the calibre of Irish fashion blogging sensation @RetroFlame.

Since her internship in NYC, Erika has gone out on her own amassing over 80k Instagram followers as a fashion blogger!

In Part III of our vlog series we asked Erika about a critical aspect to the success of your Graduate Visa – your social network (literally, not digitally!) and the new families you’ll create when you arrive in the Big Apple.

If you’re thinking of jump-starting your career in the US after college, then this is definitely worth a watch…

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Are you the next Erika Fox? Demand for Irish graduates in the US continues to be as strong as ever, plus the whole idea of an ‘internship’ is a lot different Stateside $$$!

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