Indonesia Spends £22,000 On Paint To Transform ‘Slum’ Village! The Result Is Glorious

Indonesia Spends £22,000 On Paint To Transform ‘Slum’ Village! The Result Is Glorious

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Have you ever heard of the small Indonesian village of Kampung Pelangi? Of course you haven’t. Until now you’d be entirely justified in your ignorance as the entirely unremarkable and pretty grim looking ‘slum village’ is hardly a listed travel hotspot that can compare with Bali.

However, all that could be about to change thanks to a lick (lots and lot of licks) of paint and the brainchild of the local school principal, Slamet Widodo.

To combat the derelict reputation of this small settlement in Central Java, the Indonesian government has invested just over £22,000 to brighten up the place, quite literally! A plan to paint 232 buildings in the village was put in place with the work carried out by the locals. The results are genuinely uplifting…

What a transformation and all it took was colour!

The project, backed by the Indonesian government was aimed to encourage local communities to “the active involvement of citizens in the improvement of their home”.

Very quickly this tiny, prevously unremarkable part of a remarkable country is becoming known as the ‘Rainbow Village’.

The central theme of the dazzling transformation is a free expression of art with graffiti style pieces dotted throughout the village

#kampungpelangi is now blowing up on Instagram!

…and it’s not hard to see why!

Just a brilliant example of a community and a government coming together to get the very most out of any situation. We love it!

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