[INFOGRAPHIC]: 2017 Cost Of Living in New Zealand

Each year we help thousands of excitable, wide-eyed Irish travellers embark on a big adventure to all corners of the globe. One area that’s growing in popularity faster than any other is New Zealand, with Working Holiday Visas issued for the Land of the Long Cloud continually closing the gap on those who base themselves in Australia.

The likelihood is every Irish person aged 18-30 has had their head turned at least once at the prospect of an unforgettable year (or more) somewhere new. Research mode is engaged and very often the first question that needs to be answered is ‘how much?’.

That’s why we’ve put together this awesome Infographic to give you a full breakdown of what your spending will be like in NZ and how it compares to back home. When you consider the huge skill shortages and opportunities in New Zealand in the likes of teaching and tech, there’s definitely something to be said to start acting on that temptation to go…

So there you go, if you a person who likes low tax rates, haggling for a deal and a cheap delicious chicken wing then New Zealand may just be the place for you.

USIT offer a range of Visas to work and travel in New Zealand, from the standard WHV to Teach in NZ and other Skilled Visa programmes. Email info@usit.ie or call us (01) 602 1906 and let’s plan your epic adventure!

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