Posts from June 12th 2017

4 Destinations You Definitely Haven’t Thought Of Visiting, But Soon Will

Posted 2 years ago in Asia

If you’re reading this it means you’re looking for something a little different for your next adventure. You’re an explorer at heart and because of this New York, Cancun, Spain are just not cutting it anymore. Read on as we zone in on four truly unique countries, on four different continents┬áthat aren’t swarming with tourists …

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Luis Vargas’ TED Talk On Travel Is Everything You Need To Hear Today

If ever there was an idea worth spreading…     Luis Vargas is a Mexican immigrant, moving to the US with his parents at the age of just 5. Struggling to find his own identity and heritage between two different cultures made Luis feel like ‘a citizen of nowhere’. That sounds like something negative right? …

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