Posts from June 13th 2017

You Can Now Book Your Dream Holiday via WhatsApp! Meet The Team

Posted 2 years ago in USIT

Which app do you use most? If it’s Tinder, you may have a problem. If it’s Uber, you may need to buy a car. If it’s WhatsApp, we’ve just made researching and booking your next adventure a whole lot easier. Not content with our stores nationwide, the phone, web chat or social media we’ve now …

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GRAD VISA STORIES: Arts Grad Eleanor Shipped Up To Boston For A Year

The USIT Graduate Visa to the US isn’t just a piece of paper, it’s a like changing undertaking. To apply and be successful you need to be ambitious, dedicated and brave enough to dream big. Luckily, Irish graduates possess these traits in abundance leading to hundreds of hugely successful participants who’ve stood up to stand …

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Riding the Rails to the Best Summer European Concerts

Are you still trying to figure out the best route to travel to Europe, but are stuck on where and when you should go and what you should do? ¬†We’ve got the answer to all of these questions with this stellar lineup of must-see music festivals this summer in Europe. Ride the rails around to …

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