What Travelling by Taxi Looks like Around the World

“Taxi!” You call as you wave a hand in the air hoping to flag down a passing yellow cab or one of the numerous cars marked by a duly denoted “taxi” sign on its roof.

If you’ve ever lived or visited a large city before, you’ve probably ordered or hailed a taxi one or two times in your life. Most likely, each one of these taxis has just been a car painted in an obnoxious yellow or with a bright taxi sign on the side of it, because riding around in a car is just simply one of the most efficient ways to get around in most cities.

However, what’s considered the most efficient form of travel throughout some cities in the world doesn’t always mean travelling by car. In fact, there are tons of other different types of taxis you could take to get around the city depending on which part of the world you are living in.  So where ever you are in the world, here are a few different taxis you can take to get around.

Taxi Cabs

The most common form of a taxi as we’ve already discussed is a taxi cab or car. Pretty much every city around the world has these bad boys that like to charge you through the roof for extras and higher rates during rush hour traffic. While the standard for paying a taxi cab driver has pretty much always been cash, a few taxi services have upgraded to allow you to pay with a card.  Some of the most recognizable taxis cabs in the world are London’s black cabs and New York City’s yellow cabs. Although New York’s famous yellow cabs have undergone a few upgrades from their historical black checkered past, they’re still a pretty iconic movie feature.

Travellers tip:  Make sure to bring a few small bills of the local currency of where you are travelling to. This way you don’t have to worry about a cab “not” being able to provide you change if you have larger bills.  Additionally, make sure you know the quickest route and estimated time it takes to get to your destination, just to make sure you aren’t taken for a longer ride than necessary.

Water Taxi

Taking a taxi by boat is one of the coolest and probably most fun ways to get around any city in our opinion. One place that likely instantly comes to mind when you think about where you can board a water taxi is Venice. Due to the city only having canals, you have to take a boat- either their popular gondolas or speed boats- to get around the city.

But did you know Venice isn’t the only place you can take a water taxi in Bangkok, Dubai, Boston, New York,  Tokyo, Poland and tons of other places!  If you get the chance, definitely try to get on board Tokyo’s futuristic Himiko Waterbus. It’s windowed, a tear-shaped design will give you a unique view of the city as you motor around.

Travellers tip: Gondola rides can be pretty expensive at times in Venice. Travellers recommend setting the time and cost of your trip before you go and then keeping a close eye on your watch to make sure your trip is for the correct duration.

Rickshaw Taxi


Commonly associated with eastern parts of the world, such as India and Asia, there are several different types of rickshaws you can take. The traditional rickshaw taxi is person pulling a two-wheeled cart with generally two people sitting inside. Other rickshaws include the three-wheeled motorized rickshaw and the three -wheeled cycle. The motorized rickshaw can be commonly seen in India but some places like France have them in varied forms.

Travellers Tip:  Ask locals or staff at the place you’re staying how taxi transportation works. Some travellers have reported that they have to argue over fares with taxi drivers. A normal taxi, however, should just be hopping in and going to pay the meter after you arrive at your destination. Don’t let some drivers pull your leg and try to charge you more.

Motor Taxi


One of the most thrilling ways to travel is by motor taxis. These taxis are the quickest ways to get through the city streets if you are in a hurry to get from point A to B. They’re also cheaper than other taxi services like taking a cab. Though we warn you taking a motor taxi for the first time in a place like Bangkok can be pretty startling if you don’t know what to expect. Just remember to always ask for a helmet before hopping on one of these scooters.

Travellers Tip: Travelling by motor taxi especially in places like Thailand can seem like a terrifying experience as your driver zooms through the streets at an alarming speed. Just remember to hang on tightly the bar behind you and squeeze your legs together while you’re sitting on the bike. When hailing a motor taxi in Thailand, put your arm out with your hand hanging down, palm facing you.  Also, make sure to look for a motor taxi wearing a vest signifying their official taxi service.

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