How to enjoy an ‘endless summer’ in the Dominican Republic

If you live in Ireland, or relatively anywhere in the uppermost Northern Hemisphere, then you know that summer is short and sweet. Luckily there’s one place in the world that doesn’t ever run out of summer days for you to enjoy – the Dominican Republic.

With an average temperature of 25 degrees, the Dominican Republic is the perfect place to escape to for a relaxing beach getaway that’s also filled with a rich cultural history. The locals are also just as warm as the weather, so if you’re down for gorgeous beaches, new friends and some nightly salsa dancing, make plans to head on down to the Dominican Republic.  And if you need a few ideas of what to do there, don’t worry, we’ve got several.

Dive into the depths of hidden caves

Experience three times the charm when you visit, Los  Tres Ojos, three Dominican caves home to several subterranean lakes. Located outside of Santo Domingo, these naturally occurring limestone caves are perfect for a day of spelunking.

Turn back the time in this village

Overlooking the Chavón River, near the Dominican Republic’s  Caribbean coast, is Altos de Chavón. A 16th-century replica  Mediterranean Village, the village offers visitors a chance to experience traditional Dominican art and music, and explore an amazing Grecian-style amphitheater.

Swim in one of the best beaches in the world

As part of the Jaragua National Park, the Bahia de las Aguilas beach stretches a total of 8 km, boasting a whitewashed beach and crystal clear waters. Considered one of the best beaches in the world, according to the locals. Bahia de las Aguilas is completely isolated, so while it may be a bit of a hike to get there,  we’re pretty sure you’ll want to dip your feet into these waters.

Explore the ruins of a colonial hospital

The first hospital in the New World, St. Nicholas of Bari was built during the early 1500s.  Located in the oldest city in the New World, Santo Domingo, this hospital may be completely abandoned, but its ruins are totally worth exploring. Being the oldest city in the New World Santo Domingo also offers a wide variety of colonial quarters you should check out too.

 Reserve this park for last

We’d be remised if we didn’t include a hidden gem from the must-see, phenomenal city of Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. A 1,500- acre privately owned reserve by the Ecological Foundation, the Indigenous Eyes Ecological Park offers visitors a chance to explore trails featuring a dozen lagoons and a wide variety of wildlife.

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