When you watch Game of Thrones, you live or die by these travel destinations

When you watch Game of Thrones, you live or die by these travel destinations

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Game of Thrones is finally back and we couldn’t be more excited! I mean did you see this week’s episode where Jon Sno- ahh! *quickly plugs ears.* Just kidding,  you won’t be finding any spoilers here if you haven’t started watching this season or aren’t exactly caught up yet! Just a list of our favorite film locations of epic battle scenes and crazy castles and how you can visit them.

You probably recognize a few of these places by where they located on the map of Westeros in this season’s opening credits, but where in the world are they really and which ones are the best travel destinations?

1. Spain

Though Spain hasn’t always been a top destination for Game of Thrones filming, it’s increasing appearance since season six has us excited over the possibility of high tailing our way over to Samwell Tarly’s ancestral home, Horn Hill, a.k.a  Castell de Santa Florentina in the town of Canet de Mar.  But Spain’s also been featured for other beautiful film destinations including the Water Palaces of Dorne, or Alcázar de Sevilla, Seville. You may remember Spain being featured in the Fighting pits of Meereen in real life Osuna, Spain.

Alcázar de Sevilla, Seville
Castell de Santa Florentina

2. Iceland

We admit, our love for Jon Snow may taint our judgment on this one, but  have you seen beyond “The Wall?” It’s absolutely stunning- barring any actual White Walkers of course. While the Iceland GoT tour is certainly a few degrees cooler than the Spanish tour, you’ll be able to see gorgeous ice crystal, lava caves in  Grjótagjá, where Jon Snow and Ygritte got a bit steamy in season three and Thingvellir National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that’s been the landscape for beyond The Wall. When you head to Iceland, you can see the best of the GoT scenes and the best sites Iceland has to offer, making for one unforgettable trip.

Grjótagjá Cave
Thingvellir National Park

3. Croatia

Home to King’s Landing, a.k.a Dubrovnik, Croatia, it’s an absolute must-see for all GoT fan’s because well obviously, King’s Landing is home to the Iron Throne.

Luckily for you, you can score a deal to travel to see your favorite, or perhaps least favourite GoT characters fight for the throne. But Dubrovnik’s impressive fortress walls aren’t the only part of Croatia that’s been used to bring together the impressive King’s Landing. Dubrovnik’s Minčeta Tower has been used to depict the House of the Undying and the gardens of Lokrum Island.

Dubrovnik’s Walls
Minčeta Tower

4. Northern Ireland

Stark fans of the few Starks left, may want to put Northern Ireland and the Belfast studios on their GoT list because many of the shots of the beloved royal family of the North as well as part of King’s Landing were filmed there.

Fans can the Dark Hedges County Antrim (the King’s Road) and then make their way to Shane’s Castle County Antrim, which serves for shots for Winterfell, Castle Black,  The Land of Always Winter and more. Others who are intrigued by the Greyjoy’s  may visit Ballintoy Harbour County Antrim which served as the filming for Pyke and the Iron Islands. 

Dark Hedges County Antrim
Ballintoy Harbour County Antrim

5. Morocco

GoT fans will remember these scenes in Morocco from the earlier seasons of GoT. Morocco was also used in season three when our girl Dany was trying to navigate her way around Essos to build an army for herself.  Both the real UNESCO Heritage sites of Ait Benhaddou and Essaouira respectively served as filming locations for Yunkai and the slave trading city of Astapor.

You can take your own tour through the Moroccan Desert, though we can’t say that you can expect to build an army along the way.

Ait Benhaddou

6. Malta

Although it’s been a while since GoT has really been set in Malta, it’s still a place the most dedicated of GoT fans need to visit. You’ll probably remember Malta from season one, where Malta’s Azure Window was used for the wedding between Danaerys Targaryen and Khal Drogo. Additionally, Malta’s Saint Dominic’s Priory was used for the famous episode seven scene where Ned Stark loses his head in the Red Keep courtyard.

Malta’s original capital Mdina was used as part of  Littlefinger’s brothel and parts of King’s Landing.

Malta’s Azure Window

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