Half Time Report: 2017 Soccer Coaches On Their Time In The US So Far

Beeep, beeeeeep!

Although it’s hard to believe, we’re more than half way through the summer! It’s half time, back in the dressing room so to speak, we decided to catch up with some of our soccer coaches in the U.S. to see how they’ve been enjoying their summer abroad in the States!

Find out what they’ve where our participants are based, and what they’ve been up to with our fun soccer coaches’ Q&A! Thanks to Ben, Daniel, Rob, Ciaran, Kieran, Chloe, Mark, Jake and all over our Class of 2017…

What’s been your favourite aspect of spending the summer coaching soccer in the US so far?

  • Seeing the improvement in the kids from Monday to Friday or just parents telling me on Friday how much the kids have enjoyed the camp, it really makes you feel like you’ve made a difference.   – Daniel, Denver, Colorado
  • Traveling around different parts of the West Coast. I’ve been to the Grand Canyon, Arizona, Pacific Beach, Las Vegas and Hawaii. – Ciaran, San Diego, California
  • Meeting loads of new people and seeing new places that I would never have seen otherwise. – Kieran, Chicago, Illinois

What’s been the most challenging part of the programme thus far?

  • Living out of a suitcase and the constant road trips, I do enjoy the fact I have seen so much of America but it’s tough having to travel to a new place every single week. – Daniel
  • Saying goodbye to families after they treat you like their own. – Kieran
  • Sometimes working full day camps in the hot weather can get a bit challenging. – Mark, Kansas City

Describe your typical day as a coach.

  • Wake up get to the camp for around 8 ish, camp runs from 9-12 and then golden goal or full day lasts a bit longer. But then after camp, you head home to have lunch and just enjoy spending time with the host family and take part in whatever they have planned if they do have anything planned or just chill out and enjoy the area you are in that week. Simple as that. – Daniel
  • Depending on what time camp starts normally get up about an hour before and have breakfast and make it to camp half an hour before start time. Camp usually goes on for 3 hours. What I do next then depends on what camp I am on if it’s a half day I normally go back to the host family house for lunch and do activities with the host family for the evening such as sightseeing, going to baseball games etc. Sometimes a full day camp might be split into a morning and evening camp. – Mark
  • Get up early for breakfast. Get to camp 30 minutes early. (Hour on the first day). Making sure everybody is energetic before the start of each day. Keeping kids active while learning and having fun. Playing fun games for lunch. Do a coaches challenge. Get out and do world cup. Go back to my host spend some time with them and die at night time. – William, Kansas City, Kansas

What’s been the most valuable thing you’ve learned so far this summer?

  • Having patience with kids. I have always been okay with kids but spending so much time with them this summer makes me realise how much patience parents have and I feel like I have gotten better at dealing with kids- Daniel
  • Making unforgettable memories with amazing people. Learning life skills from being immersed in the American culture. Being fearless – snorkeled with Manta Rays at night in the ocean after kayaking 30 minutes out. – Ciaran
  • How far being enthusiastic can get you. – Jake, Baltimore, Maryland

What advice would you give anyone thinking of becoming a Soccer Camp USA coach in 2018?

  • Just go do it and the more you put in the more you get out of it, sounds so cliche and cheesy but it’s honestly the truth. Even if you are under 21 which I am it doesn’t affect you in the slightest and coming over here is probably one of the best decisions I’ve made. – Daniel
  • Don’t be scared of trying anything, you’ll regret not doing everything the family want to do. – Ciaran

How has it been staying with host families during your time as a coach so far?

  • The best part of the trip, immersing yourself in their culture and doing activities that you never even knew existed. – Ciaran
  • I feel like I have been very lucky with the host families I have had. All of them have been amazing to me, so welcoming and just want you to have the best time possible. I try to keep in contact with most families I stay with and you really can make friends for life just like that. Staying in a host families home isn’t everyone’s cup of tea though I know it can be exhausting trying to be upbeat and enthusiastic with the family after you’ve finished a full day of camp I really enjoyed the experience. –Daniel
  • Absolutely fantastic they have been the best part of this whole program for me. – Kieran

Are you planning on travelling around the US after your placement? If so, where are you thinking of going?

  • Travelling to Boston and new York and hopefully back to see a host family.- William
  • Yes, New York and Orlando. –Rob Kelly, Atlanta Georgia
  • I’d have liked to travel around after but I have to go home as I’m going to Australia on USIT’s working holiday programme a few weeks after I come home. – Mark
 Did you know the Soccer Camp USA Programme is open to anyone aged 18-30, with a passion for football and the right attitude to jump right into the experience. For more information, you can email us soccer@usit.ie or head over to our website.