6 Quick Getaways to Sneak In This Autumn for Cheap

Summer, you’re not enjoying it as much as you thought you would. Maybe it’s due to dismal weather, long work hours or over packed places filled with eager and noisy tourists. Wouldn’t you like to just escape all of this for even just a little while, but don’t exactly have the budget or time for an extravagant month adventure?

Now you can get away and avoid the noisy crowds with our comprehensive cheap fall getaway lists with tips and tricks to escape to some of the most beautiful and thrilling places in the world for less time and money.

Where: Morocco

Why Autumn: Morocco’s summers tend to be unbelievably hot, that’s why it’s the perfect time to go to experience the country during the fall! Morocco offers a wide variety of activities for any adventure junky from climbing mountains to riding camels back through Morocco’s desert.

Best things to do: Morocco offers an excellent opportunity for those interested in escaping civilisation for a little bit to enjoy the beautiful sites of the Atlas Mountains and the rushing waters of Ouzoud Falls. If you don’t plan on spending much time hiking you can enjoy a nice relaxing bath in a  hammam, a traditional public steam bath or trekking through the desert on a camel’s back.

Perfect For:  Mountaineers, Adventure junkies and Foodies

Must Know Travel Hack: Local Adventurer provides some essential tips you need to know before travelling to Morocco, one of which is to bring toilet paper and hand sanitizer with you- Morocco’s bathrooms don’t always have a spare roll on hand! Beware you might have to pay to use public bathrooms. Additionally, not all photos are free, ask before you take a picture of someone because it may cost you.

Best Deals: You can enjoy an amazing tour of Morocco’s desert and Roman ruins, or you can get the best of all of Morocco on this 15-day tour that will start you off first in Casablanca and end in the former imperial city of Marrakech.

Where: Thailand

Why Autumn: Thailand during the fall is jammed packed with awesome fall festivities including Phuket Vegetarian Festival and the insanely awesome  Lantern Festival. Besides enjoying these fun festivals you can also appreciate Thailand’s less crowded beaches and enjoy discounts on accommodation.

Best things to do: Besides attending Thailands fall festivals you can also travel to the beautiful Phi Phi Islands and Koh Phangan, home of the full moon parties, or enjoy some of the country’s history by visiting the Grand Palace.

Perfect For: Beach Babies and Party Animals 

Must Know Travel Hack: Pack a decent parka and nice rain jacket for your trip! Though you’ll hopefully be blessed with decent weather, Thailand’s low months of September and October tend to be a part of the rainy season. You can try travelling to the less rainy places like Koh Samui and Hua Hin.

Best Deals: Experience an amazing full moon party and exotic island escapes with this 8-day adventure trip to Thailand! If you have a limited time to travel to Thailand enjoy  5 days trekking through bamboo forests and gorgeous Thailand’s scenery.

Where: Greece

Why Autumn: Say goodbye to the large crowds and enjoy some of local Greece with the locals, who also tend to travel more once the dizzying array of crowds disappears. Greece in the fall is a great time to celebrate  Greek Holidays including ‘No’ Day in October celebrating Greek resistance to invasion in 1940. Additionally, you enjoy the fruitful harvests of Greece’s delicious olives and grapes from their large groves.

Best things to do: Obviously one of the first things you need to do is get to Athens and enjoy the Acropolis, the Parthenon and the rest of the Ancient Greek ruins like the Temple of Olympian Zeus. Once you’re in Athens you can also enjoy a dip in some of the best nearby beaches!

Perfect For: History Buffs, Beach Babies and Wine Connoisseurs

Must Know Travel Hacks: Greece has shortened hours for touristy destinations and less access to transportation to these destinations at the end of summer. Make sure to plan out your stop prior to visiting Greece so you’ll be able to make it to each destination. Also, try to avoid travelling in November as it is more of the rainy season, ideal travel is September- early October.

Best Deals: If you’re looking for an easy way to travel around Greece and hit up the major ports, you can spend up to ten days cruising in style and having the fun of this Greece Party Boat. 

Where: Georgia

Why Autumn: With its remote mountain villages, friendly locals, cool cave cities and being the birthplace of wine, why wouldn’t you want to travel to Georgia? But the best time to go to Georgia, especially if you love wine is during Autumn as the vineyards are harvested and prepped for winter. You’ll also enjoy the decrease in prices of wine on the shelves as the tourists and heat decrease too.

Best things to do: Besides sampling Georgia’s excellent array of wines, be sure to check out Georgia’s beautiful monasteries, and Georgia’s amazing cave cities. Yes, cities in caves where people actually lived once upon a time! The oldest is in Uplitstsikhe, definitely worth a day of spelunking.

Perfect For: Wine Connoisseurs, Spelunkers, History Buffs and Mountaineers

Must Know Travel Hack: While the Georgian people are supposed extremely friendly and nice to visitors, the U.K.  Foreign and Commonwealth Office advises against all travel to South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

Best Deals: Places in Georgia offer super cheap accommodation for perfect for a couple of days. Two nights in some hotels in Tbilisi cost as little as 7 pounds or approximately 8 euros.

Where:  Spain

Why Autumn: Not only will you avoid heavily tourist populated areas during the peak summer months, but if you go in September you’ll see the wine harvests and tour the vineyards. The cooler temperatures also allow you to remain outside without feeling like melting under the hot summer sun.

Best things to do: Visit the beautiful beaches in Ibiza for a relaxing getaway, or travel to Teide volcano in the  Canary Islands. You can see some of the area’s best views from the national park’s cable car. And if you don’t want to travel around the more rural parts of Spain you can enjoy two of Spain’s top cities, Barcelona and Madrid.

Perfect For: Beach Lovers, City Dwellers and Adventurists

Must Know Travel Hack: Many of the shops and that are generally open to the north during peak summer season may be closed in the fall. So you might want to check to see which stores will be open before you travel.

Best Deals: If you want to travel beyond Spain you can get a quick view of both Spain and Portugal in less than a month! Or enjoy a more basic trip of the two countries best spots including Barcelona and Spain.

Where: Great Smoky Mountains National Park, USA

Why Autumn: Besides being more budget friendly to travel to during autumn, the Smoky Mountains are especially beautiful in the fall as the leaves slowly change from their vibrant green to beautiful shades of red, orange and even yellow. You’ll also experience the fresh and crisp autumn air during your trip through the mountains.

Best things to do: Several miles from the visitor centre is Clingmans Dome that offers a great viewing space of the park. In addition, adventurers may beautiful waterfalls of Roaring Fork and scenic drive through Cades Cove. 

Perfect For: Mountaineers, Pioneers and Hikers  

Must Know Travel Hack: Unfortunately because the Smoky Mountains are so popular there are often huge crowds, especially in October. The best way to avoid crowds would be to hike early in the morning before 10 a.m. and to travel to the mountains late-early September or late October.

Best Deals: If you’re travelling with your significant other, you can rent out a cosy cabin with Wyndham Vacation Rentals.  Additionally,  if you stay in Gatlinburg, there are tons of free and cheap things to do like drive the Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail.