Heading to Peru in 2018? Inca Trail Permits Released Four Months Earlier Than Usual

Update: The Peruvian Government has now released further details of when permits throughout 2018 will be released. With only 500 permits available per day, they will be gone very, very quickly! See below:

January 2018 – Released 5th Oct
March 2018 – Released 6th Oct
April 2018 – Released 9th Oct
May 2018 – Released 10th/11th Oct
June 2018 – Released 12th/13th Oct
July 2018 – Released 16th Oct
August to December 2018 – Released 17th Oct

If you are planning to trek through the Inca Trail in 2018, please get in touch with our team of experts asap and we can secure your permit via deposit on what is the adventure of a lifetime! Email info@usit.ie or call us on (01) 602 1906

Anyone who has ever done the smallest bit of research into a trip into the heart of the ancient Incan Empire in Peru will know that the iconic and unforgettable 24-mile Inca Trail requires a permit.

The main reasons for this are to protect and preserve both the Inca Trail itself and the crown jewel of Peru, the lost city of Machu Picchu.

In previous years, the Peruvian Ministry for Culture would begin issuing hiking permits in January for the year ahead. However, they have announced that this year, the permits will become available on 1st October for the entirety of 2018. With only 500 permits issued a day, each year they sell out within days.

Both UNESCO and the Peruvian Government have had to further limit tourist access and activity on the Inca Trail, due to both its astonishing popularity and critical fragility in maintaining Machu Picchu and the four-day trek itself.

USIT would advise all Irish travellers who are planning to make 2018, the year they visit Peru, to get in touch with us asap to ensure we can secure your permits necessary for the Inca Trail.

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While the Inca Trail requires a permit to undertake, an alternative route to reach Machu Picchu is the Salkantay Trail which is open year round, approaching the site from the other side. This trek also takes four days however the Inca Trail is by far the more spectacular.

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