Posts from October 11th 2017

APPEAL: Football Coaches Urgently Required To Save USA From Further International Embarrassment

Posted a year ago in J1

Each year, millions of young Americans gleefully take to soccer pitches all over the country hoping and dreaming to one day be competent at the beautiful game. Tragically even the very best players that the US can produce, cannot beat Trinidad & Tobago, a country with a total population smaller than San Diego.

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Weird Travel: Three Chinese Women Fly To South Korea For Plastic Surgery, Can’t Get Home Again!

Posted a year ago in Asia

The award for most ridiculous travel story of the week goes to…these three! The three girls, all in their 20’s decided to head to South Korea together where the costs of plastic and cosmetic surgery are extremely cheap and represents a booming consumer economy. Unfortunately for the pals, they surgery left them ‘slightly’ swollen (we …

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