Newcastle, NSW: The Laid Back Hidden Gem On Australia’s Gold Coast

Absolutely no disrespect to the ‘buzzing’ city of Newcastle in Northeast England but compared to the New South Wales version, Geordie shores have been brutally beaten by the ugly stick…

With a population of 440,000, Newcastle is dwarfed by the likes of Sydney and Melbourne but as you’ll soon realise, this is what sets it apart. The two words we can best describe this relatively petite but beaut of a city is – laid back.

For Irish people, Newcastle barely registers as a place to plonk yourself for your Working Holiday but it’s got a huge amount going for it, especially if you like beaches, sunshine, design, coffee shops, great food, amazing wildlife and a cheap cost of living…

Rent in Newcastle is 37% Cheaper Than Sydney

This, despite the fact that Sydney itself is a mere 2 hours away.


Newcastle Beaches Are THE BEST IN OZ…

Good things don’t stay secret for very long. Just look what’s happened to the likes of Bondi, Marley and Noosa (gorgeous as they are). Newcastle has 6 beaches within 5 minutes from the city centre and Nobby Beach (stop that) is, in our humble opinion, the best on the continent.


…And Stockton Beach Is The Most Fun

Stretching 32km, this is the 10th longest beach in the world. That leaves a lot of room for fun! Dune buggies and kitesurfing are a must plus the beach is littered with shipwrecks and air crash sites to explore!


The Bogey Hole Is Back

Admittedly not the most alluring name but this historic ocean pool is now reopened after restoration work was required on the adjoining cliffs last year. A bogey has never looked this good..


Kind Edward Park Outdoor Cinema

Yeah whatever Sydney, Newcastle was doing this before it was cool.


Port Macquarie Diving

The best place to spot Humpback Whales, dolphins and sharks in New South Wales is just a few clicks south of the city.


360 Degree Views From ANZAC Walk

Newcastle’s newest shiny addition is a short but stunning 450m long coastal walk, lit by LEDs at night and offering the best view of your new home.

Newcastle’s Tallest Building ‘Out Jokes’ The Spire

You know the rather ‘creative’ nicknames the Dublin Spire has? Well, here’s Queens Wharf Tower…


Nobby’s Lighthouse Continues The Innuendo

It’s a damn good looking lighthouse, it has to be said.


The Nightlife Gives A Good Kick

As you’ve probably guessed Newcastle is a town for those of you yearning for life in a slower but chilled out lane but that doesn’t mean you can’t buckle up for a big night!

Our own Newcastle native, Kelsey’s favourite haunt is Lass O’Gowrie but Kingers, The Brewery and Wicko’s are all giving off good vibes on the regular.

Newcastle Is Real Australia

One way or another, being Irish and heading for Australia is going to attract those comments like ‘sure you’ll only end up with a heap of Irish in better weather’.

Deciding to spend some time living in Newcastle, unlike Sydney, will give you the real Australia and one where your nationality is a genuine novelty (as much as it can be, we get around!).


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