Soccer Camp USA: 10 Tips To Make Sure You Get A Contract!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or playing FIFA 18 so much you’ve lost touch with reality) you’ll know that the opportunity of a lifetime is there for the taking this summer.

Our Soccer coaches are coming to Dublin, Limerick, Galway, Waterford and Cork next month to assess students and non-students, interested in spending up to 10 weeks in the States next summer as a paid coach. The best news is, this isn’t a UEFA licence exam. It’s fun and these 10 tricks are key in hearing those magical words “you’re hired!”.

Don’t Be Nervous, There’s No Need To Be

Everyone who attends the assessments, whether successful or not, says the same thing – they’re fun! Before it’s your time to shine on the pitch, our coordinators will give you a 20 minute run down of the entire programme. Nerves will turn to excitement very quickly but don’t doubt yourself to begin with. You got this.

You Have One Job, One Drill

We’ve all had countless training sessions, we know how they work. Some are good, some not so good but even if you’ve never led a group before you know how it works. For the practical assessment, have a drill prepared beforehand! It can be passing, possession, technical or fitness (the other coaches will love you for that). No need to over complicate things either.

Introduce Yourself

It’s funny, most guys are so wrapped up in concentrating on the drill, they forget to let everyone know who they are! Introduce yourself to the group, it will settle you down and everyone else too.

Be A Klopp, Not A Ferguson

Hairdryer treatments are not gonna cut it in the US. You’ll be working with kids, not Navy SEALs. Encouragement and enthusiasm for their effort is so important. It should come naturally given the laid back environment.

Make It Fun

This  is a golden rule that holds true for the assessments, and the camps. If the session is a little disjointed but there are a lot of smiles, this is better than running a session like clockwork with a bunch of miserable faces. Head tennis, Keepaway’s, nutmeg games etc are all great.

Help The Other Coaches And They’ll Help You

With so many contracts on offer, it’s very much a case of everyone helping everyone else. You’re not in competition with the other applicants, you’re in collaboration with them. If 20 guys all help each other out in the assessment session then 20 could easily be hired.

The one-to-one is a chat, not an interview

After the practical assessments are over, our coordinators get to know the applicants a little better. Don’t think of it like an interview, we just want to get to know you, your footballing background and why you this opportunity. Simples.

Bring a Football!

We can literally never have enough.

I̶f̶ When You Get Offered A Contract, Don’t Delay Accepting It

While  there are a large number of contracts up for grabs for Irish coaches, there is a limit. Bear in mind there are also UK assessments so when you get offered a contract, work with Joe to get your paperwork in asap. If you delay you could miss out on your preferred states or worse, miss out entirely!

Erm, Sign Up!

Ok, it was nine tips (that’s how easy it is) but if you’re not in it you can’t win it! Remember, the assessments are totally free to register for. It’s a free hit at a dream job.

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