Posts from October 26th 2017

QUIZ: Which City Is This? We Guarantee No One Will Get 20/20 Right!

Posted a year ago in Asia

It’s a brave statement, but I’m calling it now. If anyone gets 20/20 in this quiz it will have been because of a fluke, or you’re the most well travelled person in Ireland…but mainly still a fluke! Anything over twelve should be considered a very decent effort. Oh, and just to keep you on your …

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US Airport Security Changes And What They Mean For Irish Passengers

As of this morning, new security measures for international visitors coming from non-US airlines have been put into effect across the US. The additional checks are┬ábeing put in place to avoid in-cabin bans on laptops (because in-flight Netflix is crucial) following the US (and shortly after the UK’s) decision to ban electronic devices larger than …

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