Posts from November 30th 2017

James in China: Challenging The Stereotype And Being Blown Away By The Great Wall

Posted a year ago in Asia

As the most populated country in the world, it’s practically impossible to think you understand or ‘know’ China without visiting it for yourself. For our global wanderer James, it’s was never a country at the top of his list (unlike Iceland, Kenya and the Middle East) but when opportunity knocks to experience somewhere new, dive …

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[QUIZ] : How Camp Are You? (For Camp USA!!)

Thinking about heading to camp this summer or been there before? Take this quiz and see how camp you really are! Camp USA isn’t just a summer away, it’s a lifestyle! We’re hiring! Applications are now open for Camp USA 2018. For info, head to, email us at or call us onĀ (01) 602 …

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