Employer Spotlight: A Dream Three Months In Hawaii On Offer With a Watersports Company

Employer Spotlight is back, hurrah! Following the huge success of our weekly feature for 2017 J1ers, we’re back again this year featuring some J1 summer jobs that are barely believable in their awesomeness.

Fancy three months in paradise working alongside surfers, parasailers and most crucially, on the beach?! Step forward Aqualani Recreation (no, it’s not run by the Liverpool FC flop Alberto).

Unsurprisingly, the summer months on Maui’s gorgeous beaches aren’t short of things to do and Aqualani, specialise in getting the most out of the surroundings. Each summer they hire a number of international students to work on the beach as pool attendants, equipment distributors and general staff.

The lines will most definitely blur between work and play with lots of chances to take a surfboard or a kayak out on the waves yourself! The roles are also perfect for anyone who has or wants international hospitality experience with monster hotel chains such as Marriot, Westin and the Hyatt Regency all along the beach.

Check back here each week for more J1 employers in the likes of New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, San Diego and more!

Still not sure where you want to spend the summer? This will help you narrow it down.

As with all of our Employer Spotlights, these roles are available to Premium J1 package applicants only as the supply of roles outweighs the demand. Keep an eye out for our upcoming J1 Hiring Fairs throughout January and February, plus you can also view the latest J1 jobs coming online via your portal @ j1online.ie