Winter Is Not Coming, But J1 Jobs in San Diego Are This Friday!

Hey guys, Seán and Fergus here from the Recruitment Team in Usit. Our job is to find YOU the best jobs available to make your J1 as memorable as possible!

So far, the most popular destination for Summer 2018 has been San Diego, California. We know, shocker. The combination of big city life, gorgeous beaches, awesome hiking trails and consistent sunshine leaves the other major US cities trailing in it’s wake and all this in spite of the fact that getting a job in San Diego is…well, hard!

Over 100 positions have already been snapped up by organised J1 Premium students (big props if you’re one of them) , so if you are thinking of heading west this Summer, we recommend you sign up to our Premium Programme ASAP and if you see a job – TAKE IT!

Starting this Friday – we will be updating the Jobs Database with any new jobs we get during the week and we are excited to announce that this Friday 12th January.

Over 80 new positions will be added with at least 50 in San Diego!!

So keep your eyes peeled between 10am and 1pm this Friday, and we’ll put a few of the cooler jobs under The Spotlight next week!

Got a question for us about your dream summer? Email or call (01) 602 1668