This Couple Did An Entire Lap Of The Australian Coast – Nearly 30,000km!

We do love trotting out the stat that there are 10,658 beaches in Australia. What we didn’t think, was that anyone would have the stones to try to set eyes on ALL of them. Enter Brett and Brooke…

228 days, 29,946 kilometres, 4,278 litres of diesel and 6 states later.

Australian couple Brett and Brooke arrive home from their trip of a lifetime. via @christianholzinger

Documenting their epic lap of Australia on their Facebook page ‘Brett and Brooke’s Trip of a Lifetime’, the pair set off last May in their fully loaded 79 series Landcruiser, equipped with everything from fridges to barbecues.

Throughout their 228 days on the road, the couple spent 119 nights at caravan parks, 6 nights in national parks, 4 nights at station stays, 91 nights with families in the Kimberley’s, Sunshine Coast & South Australia and 7 nights in free camps. Counting accommodation as one of their biggest expenses they do admit that looking back they could’ve saved a lot more money if they had have utilized the free camps throughout Australia more.

Using the WikiCamps App to track their trip the pair were easily able to find campsites along the way. Wiki Campers are regular people, like you and me, who drop pins on an interactive map to indicate where all paid & free campsites are located within Australia, New Zealand, the UK and the US, so that future campers can find these and make use of them. Your ultimate Aussie road trip will cost you the fraction of what it usually costs using this app.

Experiencing the great sights the Australian coastline has to offer, Brett and Brooke pointed out exploring Karijini National Park’s vast wilderness, checking out Lake Argyle and its surrounding billion year old landscape and trailing through  New South Wales’ Blue Mountains as some of the highlights of their journey. @RuRu_SG

From having their coffee stolen from their tent by emu’s to seeing snow for the first time, riding helicopters over Derby’s coastline and hiking all around them, Brett and Brooke truly did have the trip of a lifetime.

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