Posts from January 22nd 2018

GRAD VISA STORIES: @BruthaNiall’s Love Letter to Los Angeles

Anyone who’s been to the US for an entire year will know that it’s genuinely life changing. For our latest Grad Visa Story we caught up with @bruthaniall, fresh from an entire year living and working in LA. What follows will give you severe FOMO… “I normally live in Los Angeles, if you can call … Continue reading GRAD VISA STORIES: @BruthaNiall’s Love Letter to Los Angeles

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J1 Job Tips

Posted 6 months ago in J1

Not on the Premium programme? No problem! Here are some tips for where to search for jobs in great J1 locations.   Cape Cod Cape Cod is the perfect summer destination for any J1er! Turning into a busy holiday resort during the summer months means it’s got tonnes of seasonal jobs up for grabs! The … Continue reading J1 Job Tips

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