Blagging It As A Superbowl Expert Even Though You’ve Little Idea What’s Happening

The Super bowl, Americas biggest annual sporting event, the American All – Ireland Final if you will. This Sunday it takes place in chilly Minnesota between the mighty New England Patriots and the up and coming underdogs, The Philadelphia Eagles.

The Patriots are vying for their second straight championship and their sixth Super Bowl ring since the 2001 season (they’re like mid Sir Alex Ferguson’s Utd side and hated from most angles). If they win on Sunday, they will only add to their legacy as the best team in the history of the NFL. The Eagles on the other hand have never won a championship.

If, like most Irish people, you haven’t got a clue about American football, this is kind of the equivalent of Kilkenny playing Leitrim in the hurling All-Ireland!

But all that doesn’t matter to us, were here to give you some tips on how to make the best of this huge event and maybe learn a few things about the game to take with you on your J1 this summer!

Here’s your Irish Superbowl party checklist:


Beer and American Football go hand in hand, beer and Irish people go hand in hand. The three together guarantee a great time.

Wings , Pizza, Chips and Dips

Wings and Pizza are essentials for a good Superbowl party, ‘chips’ as the Americans insist on calling them, and dips are also vital.

The biggest T.V you can find

Whichever of your mates has the biggest TV, they’re hosting the party, tough luck if they don’t want to. The game doesn’t kick off until 11:30 Irish time so having to kick your mother off the telly while shes watching Cornation Street shouldn’t be an issue.


Some terms to use to make it sound like you know what you’re talking about:

Blitz, 1st down, Hail Mary, Linebacker, Offensive Line , Sack, Interception, Flea Flicker, Pump Fake, Wide Receiver.

Just say “What do you think about that” followed by any of the above terms and chances are you’ll sound like you know your stuff. If all else fails just shout “TOM BRADY IS THE GOAT” and no one will be able to argue with you.

The half time show:

If the football in the first half isn’t doing it for you, don’t worry, the half time show is here. Over the years, the Super Bowl halftime show has evolved from a basic break to a huge annual spectacle, last year 117.5 million people worldwide tuned in to watch Lady Gaga perform, and this year, the Superbowl is bringing sexy back as Justin Timberlake will be taking to the field (see what I did there??)

Stay Awake! 

Last year a few of us were guilty of nodding off around the 3rd quarter when The Falcons were beating The Patriots 28 – 9, presuming  The Falcons had it in the bag, only to wake up on the couch confused and flustered to see The Patriots had made an epic come back to win the game. Don’t let this happen to you, If you feel yourself getting sleepy have a coffee…or a red bull…. or both! Just don’t risk missing the excitement by falling asleep!

Cardinal Sins (Aside from being an Arizona fan)

  • Falling asleep before the end of the first
  • Avoiding saying things like “ah I’ll catch a game on my J1” as the season won’t be back until September!
  • Telling people Ronan O’Gara was offered a contract with the Miami Dolphins (that’s a total myth)
  • Asking whether Joe Montana is playing
  • Bigging up the Denver Broncos
  • Mimicing any players victory dance (actually, do that one if you want but prepare to be ridiculed)
  • Thinking a flag is thrown from the crowd
  • Asking what ‘5th and down’ is (HINT: it isn’t a thing)

Enjoy the game!