J1 JOBS: 100+ Hospitality Jobs in Chicago Now Available Ahead Of 28th Feb Hiring Fair!

Keep the faith guys, the lectures and assignments will be melting away into the summer sun of your great US adventure sooner than you think. You keep ploughing on, and we’ll keep making J1 dreams a reality.


The United States is one absolutely huge country, so failing to have an open mind as to your preferred J1 destination and refusing to consider alternatives is well, dumb.

We’ve got big news this week, particularly as the mad scramble (we blame The Coronas) for jobs in San Diego is reaching a critical point.

Our favourite J1 city is not a secret, but now our J1 Recruitment Team has pulled off a big play securing over 100 jobs in central Chicago! Yeah, one hundred. That’s enough for you, your friends and your friends’ friends to gain great international work experience, while having lots of fun with many other J1ers.

The  Hospitality Services Group are coming back to Dublin at the end of this month, determined to hire as many charming Irish sorts as they can for their various properties in Chicago. From 28th Feb through to the 2nd of March, we’ll be hosting HSG here in Dublin as they make up to 150 job offers to J1 students. Roles of all kinds are available in the hospitality sector and we’ll match you to your experience!

Last year, more J1 students chose Chicago than ever before. Maybe it’s something to do with the abundance of jobs, availability and affordability of accommodation compared with other huge US cities, the beach lifestyle next door to the NY hustle or the fact Chicago has become the spiritual home away from home for Irish rugby after THAT game.

If you’re not totally sold on Chicago, our Perfect Day there should seal the deal. All you need to do now is get your J1 crew on board, get onto your J1 tracking account and get booking for your interview with HSG! Remember, you need to be a J1 Premium member to access our preferred employers like HSG but if you’re on Basic and struggling to find a job you can upgrade at any time.

Need some help with your application? Email programmes@usit.ie , j1flights@usit.ie or call our J1 department us on (01) 602 1667