Canada Work Programme 2018

With the ever-increasing rise of Irish people going to Canada to work for a summer or for two years it was only a matter of time before we created a programme to meet your needs! So, we’re delighted to announce the launch of the Canada Work Programme 2018!

Why would anyone go to Canada you may ask? Why wouldn’t anyone go Canada is the answer! The scenery says it all. From the breath-taking landscape such as the Rockies, Banff National Park, Lake Louise and Niagara Falls (to name only a few) to the amazing cities such as Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal, Canada offers something to satisfy everybody. A diverse country which offers beautiful warm Summers to hike through the National Parks, to Winters providing the perfect opportunities to Ski, it is no wonder that Canada has risen to be such a popular destination for the Irish.

Because of this, we have created our very own Work Programme to help you eager beavers fulfil your desire to travel Canada AND earn money while doing so. The 2 Year IEC Visa is a once in a lifetime opportunity and can only be applied for once, so whether you want to live the Canadian dream for the full duration of the 2 Year IEC Visa or spread your visa over two amazing Summers, we have a programme that will suit you. It’s important to note that if you do plan to spread your visa over the duration of two Summers you still need to purchase 2 Years Travel Insurance. If your insurance policy is valid for less than two years, you may be issued a work permit that expires at the same time as your insurance. In this case, you may not apply for an extension of your work permit at a later date.

Our Work Programme + Visa Package includes a One-Way Flight to Canada, 2 Years Travel insurance, a Pre-Arranged Job and the 2 Year IEC Visa. If you already have your Canadian Visa sorted, we have a Work Programme which includes all the above (just minus the visa).

With jobs located across Canada including popular destinations such as Toronto, Vancouver, Whistler and Banff, there will be something to suit everybody.

Job positions include Front Desk Agents, Bar Staff, Lift Attendants, Room Attendants, Waiters/Servers, Ticket Sales, Porters, Housekeepers, Pool Staff and many more.  The majority of the positions are resort based & may have accommodation included in your contract. Start dates will range from early May to late July.

Don’t hesitate on this once in a life time opportunity and book today by simply applying on our website