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USIT’s Essential Packing List

Posted a year ago in Asia

Everything You Need To Know Is Right Here

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Interrailing Cheat Sheet 2018

Posted a year ago in Europe

For decades now, spending a chunk of your summer travelling throughout Europe has been the path taken by many. Why? Well, because it’s a bloody unreal experience and a rite of passage for all travel addicts! Plus, it’s probably the cheapest way of seeing everything Europe has to offer. So, you’ve decided that Interrailing in …

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Italy Has Never Looked As Good In This Epic InterRail Adventure

Thinking about going InterRailing? Need that little bit of motivation to start planning your trip? Well if this doesn’t do it for you, nothing will. This video was sent into us by Jack Deacon who last summer, along with his girlfriend, explored Italy by train visiting Naples, Vesuvius, Pompeii, Rome, Florence, Venice, Burano, Vienna and …

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10 Wonderfully Weird Ways To Travel, Around The World

Posted 2 years ago in Asia

Autonomous flying vehicles carrying commuter’s around a major metropolis? The days of this being a reality solely reserved for the cast of Futurama are seemingly numbered and Dubai is leading the revolution. Dubai has declared their first ‘Volocopter’ test a success in what is a landmark moment for autonomous transport. The Volocopter is an 18-rotar, two-seat …

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If It Ain’t Broke Don’t Fix It – The Classic InterRail Route

Ready to be in awe of some of Europe’s best aesthetics and views? With this new, carefully crafted interrail featuring some of Europe’s classics, that may include a few stops you don’t even know about. For every romantic, night crawler and history buff, this route is the one you should choose when booking your ticket for …

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The Interrail Route that will Treat you to the Best of the West

Interested in going Interrailing and see some of the best places Western Europe has to offer? Then hop on board because this railroad trip is the one for you. From Lisbon’s gorgeous beaches all the way to Amsterdam’s quaint canals, you’ll hit almost every major city destination in Europe’s western half. The best part of …

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The Perfect 9-Stop InterRail Route For A Beach Baby!

Break out the suntan lotion and your favorite pair of shades — you’re going to need them when you travel along Europe’s coast to the best beaches it has to offer. This interrail route is designed especially for your inner beached whale and is full of promising and sunny destinations that will help you erase …

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