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USIT’s Essential Packing List

Posted 2 months ago in Asia

Everything You Need To Know Is Right Here

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Interrailing Cheat Sheet 2018

For decades now, spending a chunk of your summer travelling throughout Europe has been the path taken by many. Why? Well, because it’s a bloody unreal experience and a rite of passage for all travel addicts! Plus, it’s probably the cheapest way of seeing everything Europe has to offer. So, you’ve decided that Interrailing in … Continue reading Interrailing Cheat Sheet 2018

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12 Year Old Ballin’ in Bali

Posted 3 months ago in Asia

We’ve all gotten into arguments with our parents, right? BUT have you ever been so angry after that you steal your parents’ credit card to book a 4-day solo trip to Bali?! We didn’t think so! http:// Well one unidentified ballsy Australian 12 year old boy did, and he did it in true Home Alone … Continue reading 12 Year Old Ballin’ in Bali

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10 Reasons Why You Need To Go To Summer Camp

Summer is fast approaching and lucky for you you’ve still got time to register for Camp USA and Camp Canada. If you’re on the fence about the idea, these 10 reasons why you need to go to summer camp should persuade you! You’ll Make Friends For Life At your first week of camp you’ll have … Continue reading 10 Reasons Why You Need To Go To Summer Camp

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