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USIT’s Essential Packing List

Posted 4 months ago in Asia

Everything You Need To Know Is Right Here

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12 Year Old Ballin’ in Bali

Posted 5 months ago in Asia

We’ve all gotten into arguments with our parents, right? BUT have you ever been so angry after that you steal your parents’ credit card to book a 4-day solo trip to Bali?! We didn’t think so! http:// Well one unidentified ballsy Australian 12 year old boy did, and he did it in true Home Alone …

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Aitutaki Lagoon – Uncovering The Most Beautiful Place You’ve Never Heard Of

Posted 7 months ago in Asia

Just when you think you’ve mapped out everywhere you need to visit before you kick the bucket. Our newest addition is one we can’t stop staring at…

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OZCAST: Our #OzAmbassador James Fox on his Travel Addiction, Exploring South America, Two Years in Canada and The Move Down Under

Hundreds applied to become our #OzAmbassador for 2018, for which we’re so grateful. Unfortunately, there could only be one and @dunta90 went to Dublin’s Aussie bar the Woolshed to meet him. Listen below to @jamesdeanfox on his adventures so far and his next one next May… James will be celebrating Australia Day with us this …

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James in China: Xian, Shanghai And 8,000 Uniquely Mind-Blowing Terracotta Warriors

Posted 9 months ago in Asia

“We all really felt as though Xian was what we expected from a Chinese city and initial thoughts were that we were going to enjoy it here…”. After the dense smog, the ludicrous scale of Beijing and the stunning scenery surrounding the Great Wall, it was time for @JamesOD09’s China adventure, hurtling south to Xian, …

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