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Up to $5,000 New Zealand Relocation Grant for Irish Teachers!

Recently graduated in teaching but still feeling the urge to travel? Then we have the perfect opportunity for you to advance your career and satisfy your wanderlust at the same time! More and more Irish teachers are choosing to pack their bags and gain international experience on USIT’s Teach in New Zealand Working Holiday Programme! Why? …

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New Zealand Further Relaxes Teaching Requirements As Labour Crisis Deepens

Posted a year ago in Career

It seems that New Zealand’s well-documented teaching shortage is showing no signs of abating with the New Zealand Qualifications Authority further relaxing the minimum requirements for overseas teachers.

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10 Natural Wonders Around The Globe That Are Criminally Underappreciated

Posted 2 years ago in Asia

Who’s in charge of the ‘Wonders of the World’ list anyway? We have a real bee in our bonnet that having seven official “Wonders of the World” is a crime against some stunning places deserving of a spot. Frankly, we’re not having it. Between us, we’ve seen hundreds of genuinely astonishing, awe-inspiring places worthy of …

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Embassy Friends! Irish & New Zealand Embassies To Open As Relationship Reaches New Heights

There’s long been a strange spiritual connection between the people of Ireland and our far-flung friends of New Zealand. In fact, one-in-six Kiwi’s claim Irish lineage and despite us being over 18,500km away from each other the relationship has never felt that distance.

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Welcome, To The Real World! Best Work & Travel Options For 2017 Graduates

Bring forth the silly hats! It’s time to bask in your own glory, soak up the plaudits and embrace the opportunities as graduation season in Ireland is soon to begin.

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Teach NZ: Kiwi Teacher Shortage ‘In Crisis’ With Recruitment Drive Coming to Dublin

Despite having the greatest rugby team ever to play the game, impossibly beautiful landscapes, great healthcare and one of the world’s highest standards of living (3rd), New Zealand has a problem. The teaching shortage in NZ has now officially become ‘ a crisis’.

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[INFOGRAPHIC]: 2017 Cost Of Living in New Zealand

Each year we help thousands of excitable, wide-eyed Irish travellers embark on a big adventure to all corners of the globe. One area that’s growing in popularity faster than any other is New Zealand, with Working Holiday Visas issued for the Land of the Long Cloud continually closing the gap on those who base themselves in …

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New Zealand Following Oz Lead With Visa Restrictions Before Year End

The week started with Australian PM declaring ‘Australians must have priority for Australian jobs”, as he announced a planned abolition of the two/four year sponsorship visa – the 457 visa.

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